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travis elborough

The Vinyl Countdown - The story of the Album - a talk with records by author Travis Elborough 


In 1948 an invention was launched that was to change the world forever – the Long Playing vinyl record. Before then music came on 78s which were restricted to 4 minutes of scratchy sound per side. Artists suddenly had over 40 minutes to play with. The listener was able to kick back with the sleeve, and possibly a large martini in hand, and listen with uninterrupted pleasure.


 Join Travis Elborough, author of The Long-Player Goodbye, as he explains how artists and record companies responded to vinyl records and charts their life and times, with the aid of a few discs from his own collection.



Described by The Guardian as  “one of the country’s finest pop culture historians', Elborough has been author, broadcaster and cultural commentator for two decades now. His books include Through the Looking Glasses: The Spectacular Life of Spectacles and The Long-Player Goodbye, a hymn to vinyl that inspired the BBC4 documentary When Albums Ruled the World, in which he also appeared. . 


His liner notes can be also found on the rear sleeve of Words and Music by Saint Etienne and he shot the cover photograph for Moments like These, the latest album by Vic Godard and Subway Sect. 

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