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From Carmarthen there are scheduled buses to and from Laugharne.







Laugharne Weekend Shuttle Buses

This year the Laugharne Weekend is teaming up with Laugharne’s own taxi firm Monroe’s to offer a range of travel options for everyone staying outside of Laugharne itself.

First off there will be cars/minibuses available all day - starting at 4pm on Friday, 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday and finishing at 1am – to take people to and from Laugharne, St Clears and Pendine. They will run every half hour from the Grist (outside the Fountain inn).

Also, if you need picking up from St Clears or Pendine (or anywhere else nearby) then just call Monroe’s, and they’ll come and get you.

Fares will be a flat £15 to either Pendine or St Clear’s (standard taxi rates to other places) and will be shared between however many people are in the car/minibus – so obviously the more of you there are the cheaper it is.

Monroe’s number is 07944 878042




Laugharne: on The Grist, just over the road from the Fountain Inn


Pendine: the bus shelter by the Holiday Camp


St. Clears: outside the Travelodge,


Mae yna wasanaeth bysiau yn ôl ac ymlaen rhwng Caerfyrddin a Thalacharn (Gweler yr amserlen uchod).





Talacharn: Ar Y Grist – gyferbyn â’r Fountain Inn.


Pentywyn: Yr arhosfa fysiau ger Gwesty’r Beach, a’r arhosfa ger y Gwersyll Gwyliau.


Sanclêr: Yr arhosfa fysiau ger y prif faes parcio. Rhowch wybod i’r gyrrwr os ydych yn aros yn y Travelodge.

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