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mike brearley

Mike Brearley will always be remembered by sports fans as the England cricket captain during the epic Ashes series of 1981.  While far from the greatest batsman ever to play for his country, Brearley may very well have been the greatest ever captain. His skill in this regard made it relatively unsurprising that he should pursue a post-cricket career as a psychoanalyst and writer. Mike will be talking to Robin Ince about his latest book, the long-awaited memoir 'Turning Over the Pebbles: A Life in Cricket and in the Mind' .

Celfyddyd Capteniaeth.
Bydd Mike Brearley wastad yn aros yng nghôf dilynwyr chwaraeon fel capten tîm criced Lloegr yng nghyfres anhygoel y Lludw yn 1981. Er nad yw e’n agos at frig rhestr y batwyr gorau erioed,  mae’n debyg iawn mai Brearley oedd y capten gorau a welodd Lloegr erioed. Nid yw’n syndod felly, wedi rhoi’r gorau i’w yrfa griced, ei fod wedi dilyn gyrfa fel seicdreiddydd ac awdur. 


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