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Eädyth is fast becoming a household name to listeners of BBC Wales and BBC Radio Cymru due to her unique electro soul sound and bilingual lyricism. Over the past two years, Eädyth has been part of both the BBC Horizons and Forté Project talent development schemes, proving further how invested the Welsh music industry is in her journey to become one of our freshest current artists.

Fans of Solange and Jill Scott will reveal in the warmth of Eädyth's soulful, soaring vocals, whilst fans of Massive Attack and Burial will enjoy the combination of fractured beats with melancholic and powerful production. In 2020 she has received airtime from KISS FM and BBC Radio 1 and throughout 2020, Eädyth has continued to power through lockdown, releasing various self produced singles and collaborations, also having the opportunity to work with Cardiff’s MOBO collective ‘Ladies of Rage’, on their album ‘Harddwch Du’. Eädyth also worked with Welsh & English rapper and musician Izzy Rabey on Wales’s first RnB/hiphop/Soul bilingual EP ‘Mas o Ma’. At the end of 2020 Eädyth won the ‘Triskell award’ awarded by the Welsh Music Prize and funded by help musician and also won the 2020 award at Gwobrau’r Selar for being the most progressive artist through lockdown
in 2020.

2021 has started on a high note for Eädyth, she released a double sided Welsh/English single ‘Breuddwyd/Dream’ on Welsh language music day and also collaborated and released welsh single
‘Paradwys’ with Foxxglove and Cait Johansen which was funded by BBC Horizons. Alongside her music career, Eädyth has had continued support and acknowledgment for her sound designing skills. She was the composer in The Sherman’s ‘The Merthyr Stigmatist’ and is continuing to work alongside the theatre as a sound designer/composer.

Eädyth is now a part of the ‘Blocs’ artist roster and has joined the label Libertino where she released her latest single ‘Inhale/Exhale’ which received support from BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend, BBC
Radio 1 and was featured in Alex Ruder's ‘ambient, neo-classical, and meditative music’ show on KEXP.

Trwy gydol 2020 mae Eädyth wedi parhau i bweru trwy y cyfnod clô gan rhyddhau amryw o senglau a chydweithrediadau hunan-gynhyrchiedig a hefyd wedi cael cyfle i weithio gyda chasgliad o artistiaid MOBO o Caerdydd, ‘Ladies of Rage’ ar yr albwm 'Harddwch Du', gweithiodd Eädyth hefyd gyda rapwr/cerddor Izzy Rabey ar Ep dwyieithog RnB / hiphop / Soul 'Mas o Ma'. Ar ddiwedd 2020 enillodd Eadyth y wobr ‘Triskell’ a ddyfarnwyd gan y ‘Wesh Music Prize’ a’i hariannu gan Help Musicians.
Mae 2021 wedi cychwyn ar nodyn uchel i Eädyth, gyda ei sengl ddiweddaraf ‘Breuddwyd’ ar ddiwrnod cerddoriaeth Gymraeg a’i chydweithrediad â Foxxglove a Cait Johansen ar eu sengl ‘Paradwys’ a ariannwyd gan BBC Horizons. Hefyd enillodd Eädyth wobr 2020 yn Gwobrau’r Selar am fod yr artist mwyaf blaengar trwy’r cyfnod gloi.

Yng hyd a’i gyrfa cerddoriaeth, mae Eädyth wedi cael cefnogaeth a chydnabyddiaeth barhaus am ei sgiliau dylunio sain. Hi oedd y cyfansoddwr yn ‘The Merthyr Stigmatist’ oedd wedi arddangos yn Theatr Sherman ac mae’n parhau i weithio ynghyd â’r theatr fel dylunydd / cyfansoddwr sain.

Mae Eädyth bellach yn rhan o roster artist 'Blocs' ac mae wedi ymuno â'r label Libertino lle rhyddhaodd ei sengl ddiweddaraf 'Inhale / Exhale gafodd sylw gan BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend ac ar sioe Alex Ruder ‘ambient, neo-classical and meditative music’ ar KEXP