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Jeremy Dyson is an English author, musician and screenwriter who, along with Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith, is one of the League of Gentlemen. He also created and co-wrote the popular West End show Ghost Stories and its film adaptation.


Due to Dyson's self-confessed lack of acting skills, he does not appear in The League of Gentlemen television series or any of its offshoots, apart from very brief cameos. He worked as the assistant producer instead. In the film adaptation he is played by Michael Sheen, although Dyson appears in the background of a few scenes.


With Andy Nyman, he co-wrote and co-directed the supernatural-themed stage production Ghost Stories, which premiered in 2010. A film adaptation of Ghost Stories, directed by Dyson and Nyman, premiered in 2017.


Dyson has written several books including Bright Darkness: Lost Art of the Supernatural Horror Film, a non-fiction guide to horror films; two collections of short stories entitled Never Trust a Rabbit and The Cranes That Build The Cranes; and a novel What Happens Now.

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